The Help Turf SVSA Campaign provides the first phases of necessary funding for SVSA towards installing turf for our kids. 

Our annual campaign goal of $80,000 lays the groundwork for SVSA to immediately begin the process. 

Yes, this will be a multi year project yet the overall long term benefits to SVSA, our kids and the community is vital to growing the game of soccer for everyone to enjoy regardless of weather.


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How You Can Help 

Family + 5 Event

Official Fundraising Partner of SVSA & PA West

Shop. Earn. Support...Every Day!

Cash Back In Addition To Merchant Coupons, Discounts and Perk Rewards.

Groceries - Retail - Restaurants - Travel  - Entertainment

 Sick of game cancellations?  Help make a difference for SVSA kids and support the "Help Turf SVSA" campaign today! 

* 10% of each donation supports the SVSA Scholarship Program to keep SVSA kids in the game! 

It's EASY! Nothing to sell, hand out or collect. SVSA has partnered with the TapNPay+ Fundraising App, a simple and easy way to support our fundraising campaign. 

Donors are rewarded INSTANT cash back on daily purchases at over 300+ national brand partners. 

Plus, each merchant makes an additional donation to SVSA on every purchase using TapNPay+.


 We are asking each SVSA family to donate + gain 5 additional donations. 

SVSA Families can select the $180 donation level providing full support 


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